dilluns, 3 de juny de 2013

Nous retrats

Ja tenim un nou intercanvi creatiu!! L'Ariadna Albareda i el David Wells s'han retratat mútuament, i el resultat ha quedat així de bonic.


Once upon a time there was a brain
Living inside a clever girl’s head
It worked so hard it began to complain
But she didn’t listen to what said.

So the brain said ‘enough is enough’,
‘I need a rest from all this stuff’.
Then she noticed a feeling inside
That was when part of her brain died.

Then Ariadna (for that is her name)
Realised she’d made a terrible mistake;
She had nearly lost the game
And now her brain would never be the same.

So now she really has changed her mind
And started anew so she can find
A way to love and respect her brain;
She promises never to do it again.